Chimpanzee sat in a tree in Uganda

Uganda is a beautiful lush green country in the East of Africa, known for its primate populations. The most famous are the critically endangered Mountain Gorillas, although chimpanzee and golden monkey sightings are also highly popular activities. As well as primates it is possible to trek for rhinos at Ziwa, and another sought after sighting are the tree climbing lions in Queen Elizabeth National Park.

Uganda has many fantastic water attractions including Sipi Falls, the powerful Murchison Falls, the Kazinga Channel, Lake Victoria and Jinja – the source of the Nile. These contrast beautifully with the stunning scenery of the Rwenzori mountains, Bwindi National Forest and Kibale National Park.

Uganda really is a must see destination for wildlife lovers and those who enjoy hiking, as both of these activities feature highly on all itineraries.

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When is the best time of the year to visit?

Uganda is based along the equator so has a consistent temperature and a steady 12 hours of daylight throughout the year, making it a great place to visit in any month. The low season months are October, November, April and May and this is purely because these tend to be the months with a higher level of rainfall. As the most popular activities in Uganda are focussed around hiking the majority tend to avoid the rainy months - although October and November are actually our favourite months to visit as everywhere is just quieter, and the gorillas can actually be more active during the rains!