13 Day Shy and Impossible 5 Luxury Safari Tour

Price - From £8995
Duration13 days

Following a lot of research into specialised tours within South Africa we are pleased to introduce The Shy and Impossible 5 Luxury Safari Tour. The main focus is unlike other tours as you will spend your time on safari trying to spot some of Africa’s more elusive animals, instead of focussing on the usual Big 5. There are 2 separate safari experiences included in this trip and both are in exceptional lodges that specialise in sightings of animals defined as part of the Shy 5 (meerkat, the aardvark, the porcupine, the aardwolf and the bat-eared fox) and the Impossible 5 (aardvark, Cape mountain leopard, pangolin, riverine rabbit and white lion)

This tour is for those that have a keen interest in wildlife  and want the opportunity to spot different species, whilst in the company of highly knowledge and specialist guides. It is best suited to those who have done safari’s before and who have already had the opportunity to spot the big 5, and some of the continents more prevalent animals.

The service you receive on this tour will be outstanding, and the accommodations used are high quality. However, the absolute value add of this tour is the experience and knowledge of the guides at Tswalu and Samara. You will be in the company of true specialists, some of whom are world renowned,  resulting in a once in a lifetime trip.