6 Day Botswana Mobile Tented Safari

Experience the delights of Moremi and the Okavango Delta with our exclusive 6 Day Botswana Mobile Tented Safari, aptly named “The Joys of Moremi.” Designed for those with limited time or those seeking to complement their safari with a fly-in adventure or an extension to neighboring countries, this short yet immersive safari promises an unforgettable experience.

During your time on safari, the focus will primarily be on exhilarating game drives, allowing you to explore extraordinary wildlife areas. As an added highlight, the safari commences or concludes with a scenic one-hour flight over the breathtaking Okavango Delta and the iconic Chiefs Island, providing a captivating aerial perspective of the landscape. This carefully curated itinerary ensures that every moment of your adventure is filled with wonder and the excitement of encountering the remarkable wildlife that inhabits these pristine regions.

The Okavango Delta, situated within the expansive Kalahari basin, is an extraordinary and unparalleled ecosystem. In the midst of vast stretches of continuous sand, this river delta emerges as a captivating oasis, defying the arid and inhospitable landscape. The Okavango Delta nurtures an astonishing array of wildlife, making it a haven of diversity for both animals and birds. The meeting point of land and water gives rise to a captivating mosaic of pans, grasslands, forests, and lagoons, creating a multitude of habitats that harbor an exceptional concentration of wildlife, making it one of Africa’s prime destinations for wildlife enthusiasts. As one of the world’s natural wonders, the Okavango Delta remains remarkably pristine yet delicate, rewarding those who explore it with rich and unforgettable experiences.

Located in the eastern corner of the Okavango Delta, the Moremi Game Reserve encompasses breathtaking scenery and is recognized as one of Africa’s most beautiful and diverse game reserves. This remarkable reserve not only safeguards substantial wildlife populations but also showcases awe-inspiring landscapes. It comprises both seasonally-inundated regions, such as Xakanaxa, and drier areas like Khwai. Throughout this safari, we will embark on a journey to unravel the secrets of this dynamic ecosystem, immersing ourselves in its wonders and discovering the intricate balance that exists within.


  • 28th March – 2nd April 2023
  • 25th – 30th April 2023
  • 23rd – 28th May 2023
  • 15th – 20th August 2023
  • 12th – 17th September 2023
  • 10th – 15th October 2023
  • 28th March – 7th April 2024
  • 25th – 30th April 2024
  • 23rd – 28th May 2024
  • 20th – 25th June 2024
  • 18th – 23rd July 2024
  • 15th – 20th August 2024
  • 12th – 17th September 2024
  • 10th – 15th October 2024
  • 7th – 12th November 2024

6 Day Joys of Moremi Mobile Botswana Safari – Book Now with Deposit


Experience the delights of Moremi and the Okavango Delta with our exclusive 6 Day Mobile Botswana Safari, aptly named “The Joys of Moremi.”

Total Tour Costs:

  • Prices from £2425pp or $2940 based on 2 sharing in low season (Apr – June & Nov)
  • Prices from £3095pp or $3755 based on 2 sharing in high season (July – Oct)
    • No Single Supplement