16 Day Chobe, Vic Falls and Namibia Self-Drive Safari


Embark on an unforgettable 16-day Chobe, Vic Falls, and Namibia Self-Drive Safari, a meticulously planned journey that unfolds the splendors of Southern Africa’s most iconic attractions. This adventure promises an ideal balance of exploration and relaxation, spanning two remarkable weeks of discovery. Begin your expedition by immersing yourself in the captivating landscapes of Namibia, a country known for its diverse and breathtaking scenery. Traverse the otherworldly Namib Desert, where towering dunes create a surreal landscape that shifts hues with the changing sunlight. As you explore the mesmerising desolation, the ever-changing sandscapes will leave an indelible imprint on your senses.

Continue your odyssey to the Skeleton Coast, where the relentless waves of the Atlantic Ocean meet the desolate Namib Desert. Here, you’ll witness the haunting remains of shipwrecks, a testament to the region’s tumultuous maritime history. The stark beauty of this coastal wilderness is a photographer’s paradise, capturing the essence of isolation and raw nature.

Venture into Damaraland, a land of rugged beauty and ancient traditions. Marvel at the ancient rock engravings at Twyfelfontein, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, offering a glimpse into the rich cultural heritage of the region. Your journey through Damaraland will reveal the surreal landscapes of granite mountains and vast plains, providing a sense of the untamed beauty that defines Namibia.

Etosha National Park beckons with its sprawling salt pans and abundant wildlife. Your self-drive safari allows you to traverse the park at your own pace, encountering elephants, lions, and a myriad of other species at waterholes scattered throughout the park. The wildlife encounters in Etosha are bound to be the highlight of your Namibian adventure.

Navigate through the lush Caprivi wetlands, a stark contrast to the arid landscapes you’ve traversed so far. Here, you’ll find a paradise of waterways, vibrant birdlife, and lush vegetation. The Caprivi region offers a serene interlude before your journey leads you to the next chapter of this incredible expedition where you cross into Botswana and experience the magic of Chobe National Park. Offering one of the highest concentrations of wildlife in Africa a self-drive safari through Chobe provides you the freedom to witness elephants gathering along the Chobe River, herds of buffalo grazing on the plains, and predators on the prowl. Each moment in Chobe is a testament to the raw and unbridled essence of the African wilderness.

Conclude your epic journey with a visit to the majestic Victoria Falls, where the mighty Zambezi River plunges into the Batoka Gorge. The thundering roar of the falls, the mist that hangs in the air, and the sheer grandeur of this natural wonder make for a fitting climax to your Southern Africa adventure.

Tour Code – ASTNTS016-23