14 Day Ghana, Togo and Benin Tour

Price - From £3995
Duration14 days

This two week tour allows you to experience the history, wildlife and nature of Ghana, alongside the cultures and voodoo beliefs of Togo and Benin. What better way to experience West Africa and the diverse cultures, traditions and wildlife found in this region of Africa than on one of our exceptional Ghana, Togo and Benin tours.

Each country has its own unique feel, wonderfully welcoming locals, ancient cultural sites of interest, beautiful beaches, dark historical past and exceptional flora and fauna waiting to be discovered. Possibly the three most welcoming and safe countries in Africa, travelling with our local expert guides opens doors and experiences enabling you to see life how it is for the locals living here. Our local award-winning guides are experts in the culture, history, birds, butterflies and wildlife of all the locations we visit in Ghana, Togo and Benin.