South Africa

South Africa
South Africa holds a special place as one of our favorite and highly recommended destinations. This country truly has an abundance of attractions and experiences to offer. With its diverse range of beautiful national parks, South Africa tours allow you to immerse yourself in nature, surrounded by captivating wildlife, in vast open spaces. What sets South Africa apart is that it is the only country where you can encounter not only the famous Big 5 but also the Big 7, including marine species during an exciting South Africa Safari on both land and sea.
Beyond the exceptional national parks, Cape Town stands out as a world-class city that deserves a spot on everyone’s bucket list. This vibrant metropolis boasts a magnificent waterfront teeming with enticing shops, bars, and restaurants catering to every taste. The city is adorned by a majestic mountain, breathtaking beaches, and enchanting sunsets, offering a wide array of activities to suit all types of travellers.
South Africa grants visitors great freedom, with self-drive trips being popular and easily navigable across the country. Combining the convenience of self-drive with self-catering accommodations provides excellent value, enabling you to witness incredible sights within a two-week journey.
As South Africa is a sought-after destination, we understand the need to stand out among other tour operators. In addition to offering standard trips for first-time visitors, we have dedicated our efforts to curating unique experiences that cater to the interests of return travelers. Our meticulously crafted itineraries cater to both private trips and small group South Africa tours, ensuring a memorable and distinctive journey for all.

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When is the best time of the year to visit?

South Africa doesn't always offer the dry weather and high temperatures of other safari destinations across Africa. However, it is still a year round destinations as different areas across the country are at the best at various points throughout the year. November until February is when Cape Town and the Western Cape has the best chance of beautiful clear sunny days, there are great value safaris available across the Garden route from March through til July, then Kruger and Madikwe offer the best game viewing between July and Oct when the bush is dry and the animals are easier to spot. Our favourite time to visit is either May or September as you still get good shoulder season rates, and the parks can be quieter - whilst the weather is still enjoyable and game viewing is easier.