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Sierra Leone is a land of undiscovered beauty.on the West Coast of Africa. With remote and pristine beaches and a tropical climate it is a great destination to visit for a relaxing and unique beach stay. However, we wouldn’t recommend only going for the beaches! 

There are some excellent wildlife attractions in Sierra Leone. Tiwai Island, part of Gola Rainforest National Park in the southeast of Sierra Leone is home to 11 primate species. Tiwai Island is Sierra Leone’s first community conservation programme and it is a beautiful destination to spend a couple of days. The Gola Rainforest is also one of the last remaining natural habitats for pygmy hippos and therefore very important for their survival. Whilst exact numbers are not known there are believed to be only 2000-3000 left in the wild. The Tacugama Chimpanzee Sanctuary is another must visit site in Sierra Leone. Just outside of Freetown you can stay in the rustic accommodation and learn all about the amazing conservation work done here to protect rescued chimpanzees.

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