Pink Lake in Senegal

Senegal presents an exhilarating and captivating destination for travellers. With Dakar serving as a bustling international hub, the capital city boasts significant development, encompassing delightful restaurants, vibrant bars, and a myriad of attractions to enthrall any visitor. Staying in Dakar proves worthwhile, given its proximity to several exceptional day trips that can be conveniently embarked upon from the city.
One such notable excursion is a visit to Goree Island, renowned for its historical significance during the Atlantic slave trade from the 15th to the 19th century. A short ferry ride transports visitors to this island adorned with charming cobblestone streets, providing an easily navigable exploration experience. The House of Slaves, now transformed into a museum, stands as an essential and poignant stop, offering informative and emotionally stirring insights.
Lac Rose, also known as the pink lake, stands as another accessible trip from Dakar that comes highly recommended. These rare pink-hued bodies of water are a rarity worldwide, making this excursion truly unique. No visit to Dakar is complete without witnessing the African Renaissance Monument, the largest statue in Africa, serving as a remarkable symbol of the continent’s resurgence.
Beyond Dakar, Saly emerges as an ideal destination for beach enthusiasts, offering a multitude of accommodation options to suit various preferences. Joal-Fadiouth, known as Shell Island, stands out as one of the country’s most exceptional locations, as it is literally constructed entirely from seashells. While a bridge connects the island, a serene boat ride back serves as a perfect ending to an enchanting trip.
For admirers of colonial architecture, Saint Louis is a recommended must-visit destination. It is worth noting, however, that during our last visit, some of the buildings were in a state of disrepair.
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When is the best time of the year to visit?

Senegal has a fantastic temperature throughout the year, and is a good destination nation to consider for any month of the year, although August and September have the highest rainfall. Traditionally the best months to visit are believed to be December to February so Senegal is a great winter sun destination, with so many fantastic experiences on offer.