View of Deadvlei and dead trees in namibia

Namibia is an incredibly diverse country with a range of fascinating landscapes that alter as you travel from the south into the north and particularly if you head east through to the luscious green and water filled Caprivi Strip. The highest sand dunes in the world can be found at Sossusvlei and are an absolute delight to behold, particularly at sunrise and sunset. The Kalahari Desert spans large areas of the southern and east Namibia and offers spectacular night skies on clear days. Fish River Canyon is the second largest canyon worldwide after the Grand Canyon in the USA, but certainly offers a much quieter visit. The Erongo Region is a geological fascination, as over thousands of years Magma, which cooled down, formed impressive natural landscapes dominated by massive granite boulders.

A trip to Namibia wouldn’t be complete without a visit to Etosha for excellent wildlife encounters. During dry season the animals congregate in large numbers in the areas where water can be accessed, and this offers excellent viewing opportunities.

There are a number of great small group Namibia tours available. Private tours and Namibia safaris for solo travellers, couples and groups are easily arranged according to personal preference. However, in our opinion one of the best ways to see Namibia is via an organised self-drive where you can experience the country at your own pace.

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When is the best time of the year to visit?

Namibia is a destination that can be enjoyed all year round as there are are a good number of daylight hours everyday, and the country is typically sunny and dry throughout most of the year. However, from December to February it can be extremely hot and humid, so this isn't the best time for everyone as it can be uncomfortable if you are not used to extreme heats. There is also a heightened chance of flooded roads between January and March which can make self-driving more challenging, particularly if it is your first time. The most popular months to visit are July to October, particularly for safaris in Etosha. During these periods accommodation can be tight in some areas, so if this is when you would like to visit then it is recommended that you book as soon you can to offer the greatest choice and availability. If you would like to understand the best time to visit for your specific trip then please just get in contact.