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Do you have personal experience of the destinations visited?

Yes – all of the destinations that we sell we have personally experienced. We believe that to truly help people decide what trip is right for them, you need to have first hand knowledge. It is important to understand the good as well as the bad points in any given destination, to provide a balanced view and tailor the right lodges, destinations and experiences to your individual likes and needs.

Why do you ask for a budget upfront? Is this so you will provide the most expensive option?

We recognise that our customers are usually fairly nervous about stating what their budget is. This could be because you are looking to get the best deal so don’t want to over-estimate, or it could be because you haven’t yet decided. Whatever the reason we completely respect the reluctance when we ask. However understanding the budget helps us to pull together the best trip that your budget allows. There are so many different lodges on offer across the continent ranging from around £40 a night to well over £2000 a night. – each great in their own way! One person’s definition of luxury or mid-range can be completely different to another person’s and Africa doesn’t really operate on a standard star basis, so understanding the budget simply allows us to add the right lodges, destinations and experiences into the suggested itineraries – at the right cost.

We do not promise to be the cheapest tour operator, but we do promise to provide the best (100% personalised) service to EVERY customer and we do promise to work with you to get the best trip possible within your preferred budget.

What Destination do you recommend?

This is such a difficult question!……Can we go with all of them! 

In all seriousness the destination(s) we recommend will depend on what type of holiday you are after. If it is your first time on safari then South Africa and Tanzania are good options. If you are looking for a short trip then Kenya or Ghana offer the best direct flights, if you are a more seasoned safari traveller then Zambia, Namibia, Uganda, Malawi and Zimbabwe offer more remote adventures, or if you are after something completely different then Sierra Leone or Sao Tome and Principe might be the best recommendation!

What is the best time of year to travel?

As we offer tours to so many destinations the best time to travel will differ depending on the country visited, and the preferred activities.

As a general rule though if wildlife is going to be a feature of your tour the best viewing opportunities will be a month or 6 weeks into dry season. However, if you would prefer a quieter trip we usually recommend visiting in ‘low’ or ‘green’ season as animal sightings are still possible. Trips in the off season of course often offer much better value as well – and there is something particularly beautiful about the savannah covered in green…

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