Botswana is renowned as an exclusive safari hotspot that provides extraordinary encounters with wildlife. It prioritises conservation and preservation, ensuring that tourism numbers are kept relatively low, resulting in truly unforgettable Botswana tours.

Within Botswana lies the world renowned Okavango Delta, a remarkable expanse of marshlands and periodically inundated plains. This unique delta system is entirely isolated from any ocean, offering extraordinary opportunities for observing wildlife. Embarking on a safari by traditional dugout canoe, known as a mokoro, provides a serene and tranquil African experience. Additionally, the captivating Moremi Game Reserve occupies a significant portion of the eastern and central regions, making it a highly sought-after destination for travelers.

Botswana offers a wide range of luxurious lodges that cater to discerning clients seeking exceptional accommodations. Moreover, for those seeking a unique and cost-effective experience, mobile safaris provide an excellent opportunity to sleep under the stars in comfortable en-suite tents situated in some of the most awe-inspiring locations throughout the country.

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When is the best time of the year to visit?

Botswana is best visited in May through September as there is likely to be blue skies and limited rain during this period. It is also the best time to spot animals as the lands are dry so the animals tend to congregate towards the limited water areas. It can get very cool in the evenings, so it is important to pack layers when visiting in high season. Whilst it is possible to visit at other times of the year, not all camps are accessible and the delta areas will be flooded. There is also extreme heat, particularly in the north and in the kalahari regions between Novembers and February, meaning these months are definitely not for everyone!