Ethiopia is an up and coming tourist destination in East Africa. With its lush green mountains, historical monuments, amazing bird-life, beautiful lakes, variety of village cultures and buzzing city life there really is something for everyone to experience in this great country.

Reasons to visit

  • Rock Hewn Churches
  • Lake Wenchi
  • Omo National Park
  • Simien Mountains National Park
  • Mount Entoto
  • Blue Nile Falls
  • Red Terror Martyrs Memorial Museum
  • Lake Tana
  • Danakil Depression
  • Bale Mountains

All of our tours in Ethiopia stated here are in mid-range/high quality accommodation by Ethiopian standards. If you are looking for a more budget option then please just contact us to discuss your requirements, as we are confident we can find a tour to meet your needs.

Ethiopia Tour Packages

5 Days

5 Day Addis and Lalibela

This private tour offers a great introduction to Ethiopia, and can be included as an add-on to many of our other holidays in South Africa, Zimbabwe, Kenya and Tanzania. You will have the opportunit...

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8 Days

8 Day Lalibela and AA Tour

This tour is perfect for someone looking for a short trip away to Ethiopia, or for someone looking to combine Ethiopia with another tour perhaps in Cape Town, Nairobi (Masai Mara) or Victoria Falls...

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11 Days

11 Day Omo Valley Group Tour

As the northern part of the country is notable for its historical relics, there are the Omotic tribes of the south who still adhere to ancient animistic rituals. Beaded leather skirts and complemen...

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11 Days

11 Day Historic Ethiopia Tour

The historic route is the most popular tour for visitors to Ethiopia. This tour takes in some of the key cultural sites within the country, including the impressive Rock Hewn Churches of Lalibela, ...

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15 Days

15 Day Masai Safari and Ethiopian Cultural Tour

This unique combination tour offers both the amazing safari experiences in Kenya, along with the culture and natural beauty of Ethiopia. This tour is easily achieved using the efficient airline rou...

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16 Days

16 Day Cape Town and Ethiopia Highlights Tour

This combination tour takes in the vibrant city of Cape Town and combines it with the culture and beauty of the Ethiopia. We first did this tour ourselves 2 years ago as we wanted to visit the Rock...

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21 Days

21 Day Grand Ethiopia Tour

If you are looking for an extended break in Ethiopia then this tour provides an excellent opportunity to undertake a unique range of experiences, right across the country. If you are interested in ...

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